Banana Palm Trees Potted 6 foot Banana

Banana Palm Tree Potted

Banana Palm Trees Potted 6 foot Banana. Break out the beach towel and dream of your own balmy tropical paradise under your very own 6 foot tall Banana Tree. Realistically-designed sturdy double trunks hold numerous large leafy vibrant green leaves up high. As a finishing touch, tiny sprouting green bananas are included to complete the illusion. Standing in a decorative pot, this tree is perfect for those wanting something just a bit different.

6 foot Banana Palm Tree, Potted
Banana Palm
Tree Potted
5 foot Robellini Palm Tree, Potted
Robellini Palm
Tree Potted

Bamboo Trees Potted 6 foot Artificial Bamboo. Bring a bit of Asia into your space with the an Artificial Bamboo Tree. You will receive this tree already potted in a neutral black pot that supports multiple branches of faux bamboo. The variety of greens of the leaves enhances the natural look of this synthetic plant.

6 foot Artificial Bamboo Tree, Potted
Artificial Bamboo
Tree Potted
6 foot Bougainvillea Tree, Potted
Bougainvillea Tree

Flowering Trees Potted 6 foot Multi Vine Bougainvillea Tree. Bursting with color, this multi-vine Bougainvillea Tree will become the focal point of any room it finds itself in. The base of the tree commands attention, with its intricate array of vines that twist skyward. But it’s the delicate blooms that end up wowing everyone – soft blooms burst forth from a backdrop made of 990 lush, green leaves. Proudly standing 6 feet high, this exceptional tree makes the perfect gift anytime of the year.

6 foot Multi Vine Bougainvillea Tree, Potted
Multi Vine
Bougainvillea Tree Potted
4 foot Lavender Topiary Tree, Potted
Lavender Topiary
Tree Potted
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