Floor Plants Potted 63 inch Climbing Pothos Plant

Climbing Pothos Plant Potted

Floor Plants Potted 63 inch Climbing Pothos Plant. A healthy 5 feet tall, this Deluxe Pothos Climbing Plant is covered from head to toe with lush greenery. Rich multi-hued decorative heart shaped leaves make the Pothos a popular choice among houseplants. Well known for its versatility, this silky Pothos creation is guaranteed to bring years of hassle free beauty. Also called Devils Ivy, this authentic looking replica won’t irritate your skin. This naturally styled creation makes a nice addition to any home or office area.

63 inch Climbing Pothos Plant, Potted
Climbing Pothos
Plant Potted
2.5 foot Grass Plant, Potted
Grass Plant

Potted 19.5 inch Echeveria. Easily one of our more unusual offerings, this Echeveria Succulent Silk Plant will definitely become a significant part of any room’s decor. That’s because. well, just look at it!! The multiple brown scaly trunks rise out of the earth, suddenly culminating in a lush bloom of sturdy green and red leaves. It’s unlike any plant you’ve ever seen – why settle for the ordinary when the fantastic is within your grasp?

19.5 inch Echeveria, Potted
Echeveria Potted
Indoor Silk Colorful Cactus Gardens , Potted
Indoor Silk
Colorful Cactus Gardens

Tabletop Plants Potted 27 inch Large Leaf Philodendron. An abundance of bold lush greenery decorates this large leaf Philodendron. Not only does this plant have a highly detailed leaf pattern but it also feels real to the touch. So real in fact, your guests won’t know the difference. Slender delicate stems sprout forth. Perfect for your home or office.

27 inch Large Leaf Philodendron, Potted
Large Leaf
Philodendron Potted
 Agave, Potted
Agave Potted
hawaii palm