Outdoor Trees Potted 8 foot Slim Cedar Pine Tree

Slim Cedar Pine Tree Potted

Outdoor Trees Potted 8 foot Slim Cedar Pine Tree. Reaching skyward to a full 8 feet in height, this lush pine will be the hit of your eclectic decor. With 4249 tips and a two tone green coloring, your guests will be looking deep inside for a birds nest or some other wildlife. This is a perfect recreation that never needs water and will stay looking fresh for years.

8 foot Slim Cedar Pine Tree, Potted
Slim Cedar
Pine Tree Potted
3.5 foot Artificial Birds Nest Plant, Potted
Artificial Birds
Nest Plant Potted

Potted 4 foot Corn Stalk Dracaena. For those who enjoy touching in addition to visual admiration, we have our four foot high Dracaena Silk Plant. Real to the touch it’ll fool both senses to create a very realistic illusion. Supported with thick, accurately designed trunks, the dense plumage of featherlike leaves spill out at various layers to create an interesting multi level design. Comes with worry free maintenance, thus keeping it green all year long.

4 foot Corn Stalk Dracaena, Potted
Corn Stalk
Dracaena Potted
3 foot Anthurium, Potted
Anthurium Potted

Floor Plants Potted 5 foot Dieffenbachia. Let’s be bold today, ok? Because really, you’ll have no choice when you display this 5′ Dieffenbachia Silk Plant. Standing a full 60 tall, this Dieffenbachia has lush leaves shooting off in every direction, making it the perfect entryway piece, or the ideal component to add life to a corner. And hey, it’s so full, you can hide behind it. Plus, it’s part of our real touch series, so if feels as good as it looks.

5 foot Dieffenbachia, Potted
Dieffenbachia Potted
4 foot Dracaena Plant, Potted
Dracaena Plant
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