Silk Trees Potted 5 foot Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Tree Potted

Silk Trees Potted 5 foot Dogwood Tree. Bring the enchantment of the wonderful dogwood flower into your home. Our 5′ Dogwood Silk Tree starts with one center trunk that branches into a maze of 285 flowers surrounded by 1,140 leaves. It comes professionally arranged in a black plastic pot topped with moss. Color: White, Height: 5′, Flowers: 285, Leaves: 1,140

5 foot Dogwood Tree, Potted
Dogwood Tree
6 foot Japanese Maple Tree, Potted
Japanese Maple
Tree Potted

Silk Trees Potted 51 inch Money Tree. Want to add a touch of good fortune and positive energy to your home or office cubicle? Then this bonsai style money tree – with its lush, green flowerlike leaves perched upon authentic looking braided trunks – fits the bill perfectly. Besides being beautiful, many stems sport the ultra lucky seven leaves, making it the perfect charm to boost your financial wealth. Standing just over fifty inches tall, it fits perfectly next to a desk or in an office entryway.

51 inch Money Tree, Potted
Money Tree
5 foot Olive Tree, Potted
Olive Tree

Silk Trees Potted 2.5 foot Olive Tree. This two foot Olive Tree looks so realistic, you’ll find yourself wondering if the olives are ready to eat. Native to the warm Mediterranean Basin, Olive trees have long been admired for the rich combination of multi-hued emerald leaves against a collage of various colored olives resting high above pale colored trunks. This tree is no different, except you never have to worry about upkeep. It’s beautiful forever!

2.5 foot Olive Tree, Potted
Olive Tree
63 inch Large Leaf Philodendron, Potted
Large Leaf
Philodendron Potted
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